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Your Premier Choice for Full-Time Nannies in Lisbon

Marie Claire

Empowering Expat Families:
+One - Your All-in-One Solution!

Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive services tailored for families with children. At +One, our dedicated team member wears multiple hats - they're not just a nanny, but also your skilled housekeeper, cook, and laundry expert ready to support on weekends,late nights and holidays. 

Ensuring expat parents have the support they need.

Because everyone deserves an extended family.


Schedule a call to find out if we are the perfect fit for you.

"There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation"

Working with Us

Working with Us ?

Do you want to be part of our personalized childcare team?

Discover the benefits of working with +One and join us in providing exceptional services to families.

 BIRD ,Our Services

Our services

From experienced nannies to personalized household tasks, we have everything you need to simplify your daily life.

The +ONE Team

Discover the faces behind our agency, and learn how we're here to support and uplift you every step of the way.

What our families say about us

" Agnes and Estfania were wonderful in finding our nanny in Lisbon. She is so much more than a nanny - she is our family. Agnes is professional, fast and really tries to understand your family's needs to find the right fit. Definitely recommend! "

AMBER Horsburgh

Balancing Work and Family Life

Empower Your Family's Journey

Simplify, Thrive, and Enjoy Every Moment

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